Wayback Machine

If you have not encountered the way back machine you would wonder what it is for. You may just guess what it is and may wonder why it is called in that label. The Wayback machine was established with the purpose of recording the content of the websites that are randomly selected and then captured so that it would be saved and stored. The captured file would not be altered but it is just being saved for the future purpose. They would then made available to the public.

The Wayback machine then is a great tool so that if you want to view a website that has been changed then you would just go to the Wayback machine and search it. You would be surprised how it looks before compared to the present time. If you also want to find an article from a webpage that was already shut down then you can find it in the Wayback machine. If you areĀ making a research or is just interested then you can be able to use the Wayback machine.

You can even participate in the archiving process as if you have one particular webpage that you would like to see in the future then you can archive it. If you are also looking for anĀ old software or one that has been abandoned then you can go to the Wayback machine. The limitation to the Wayback machine is that it cannot archive web pages that are not available for the public.