Archiving Mission

Changes occur at any moment and one that is made available at this time could also disappear after some time. The changes made also will be the one to be seen and known and not the original or previous ones. That is why the mission to archive was born so that the things that were the status of the websites would be recorded and so that at any time, what was there before could be seen. It has been the mission of the archiving division to save each of the web pages.

There would be a copy of the web pages at different times so that changes could be recorded ad they are being stored. It does not choose any particular webpage only but all types of web pages that it is on the internet. it could be the government web pages or the individual blogs or anything that is recorded. The good thing is that you can access them anytime and anywhere. It does not much have limitation but only the number of captures.

Each of the days the webpage existed could not be recorded. That is why you could be able to see only what is recorded. Now as data keeps on increasing, there is a need to also increase the machine that could process it. Now you can just access the Wayback machine or other tools to use in other countries to access the past information. It does not guarantee to open the content of all the website.