Data Recording: Manual vs Encoded

When the computer didn’t yet existed, all data are recorded manually. In other words, it is through paper and pen only. If there are necessary data that has to be recorded before, the person having that job surely has a lot of problems. Since it is handwritten, he needs to keep the record safely because once he lose it, he will be in trouble. Thankfully, the typewriter was invented then after that, computers were also invented which made a very amazing change in the lives of data recorders.

Manual recording of data is not easy. You have to bring with you a record book and pen and keep it well in a safe place. If you are diligent in writing, then you can keep another copy in case you will lose the original copy which you have recorded. That would mean you have to copy every detail. Transferring files manually is time consuming. But, as technology is continually being developed and one of the results is the existence of computers, data recording is done easier.

Encoded data are much better than the data that was recorded manually. It can be recorded clearly unlike the handwritten data. Though your fingers will hurt at some point especially if you have plenty of data to record, that is still better than recording a data in a manual way. With the help of computers and also flash drives, any data can be kept safely. Even if you accidentally deleted a record file, you can still have other reserved copies.

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