Understanding the TNA records and how it is arranged

The National Archives of the United Kingdom has been doing well in establishing the records that are needed by the public. They are doing effort so that they could be accessed easily as compared to doing all in the manual form. Now there is the help of the internet and also the availability of space that the files could be saved. In this article, we will see how the documents are arranged and what are the records that the archive has. Here is the first video.

The first video explains where are the documents they are storing comes from. oNe is the central government and also in the court of law. They are the main source of documents and they are to be received and to be processed for the archiving. but there are also other sources of documents and they could also be available when you will search them on the website of The National Archive for the UK. There are divisions where you can see the different department to access files.

In the second video, it shows how the files are arranged so that when you will search something then you can know where to search them. As all of the branches or sources of documents are also on the website so you can be able to use one website or all your searches. You just need to navigate to the different departments to find pieces of evidence that you are looking. Then you can summarize them all.

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