The collection an archiving of selected UK government website

The archiving of websites is now being done around the world. In the United Kingdom also it has its own collection of archived pages of the websites that are of the government. This is the effort of The National Archive that was launched in the year of 2003 and it has said that it has records of thousands of websites. As the time that it was established, the records have been increasing and it might be on the millions of files now. Let us see here a video.

You can watch the video as it describes the how the catalog is detailed. This is the archiving f the documents and not the websites itself. It is just an additional knowledge on to take a peek at what is happening in the archiving section of the UK. It was already a practice that people or nations would have t record their transaction especially that it is for the record also of the public. The public then has the right to access them.

That is why one can be able to search the records that were already on the online file. When you want to know about someone in your family then you can be able to use the web and see the different parts that are set up where you can find what you are looking for. The National Archives of the UK is located in Kew and it is in a nice environment as there is water in the landscape.

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